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Our main objective when it comes to boilers is to carry out a clean, stress free installation and most importantly save our customers money on heating bills.

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We offer a comprehensive boiler installation service. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, from choosing the correct boiler to commissioning and handing over.

A boiler is an integral part of any property and most are different, so choosing the correct boiler is crucial. Start the process today and you could have a new boiler on the wall by tomorrow.

We are proud to be Max accredited ideal boiler installers. We can offer up to 12 year parts and labour warranty on our boilers.

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  • A-Rated Boiler

  • Programmable Room Thermostat

  • Copper Pipework

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  • Limescale Reducer

  • Shock Arrestor

Our Service


Radiators are essential to the function of a heating system. We offer a complete service, whether it’s just a radiator that needs replacing or a complete central heating system. We can design you a bespoke central heating system to suit your home. With many types of radiators available, we work with the UK’s leading manufacturer of stylish modern and traditional radiators.

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Boilers & Heating


It’s great having an efficient A rated boiler, but if it isn’t controlled correctly, it’s not working at it’s potential. Many people are unsure how to operate somewhat complicated heating controls, sometimes having them running for long periods when they are not at home or heating rooms they are not using.

With new technology coming to the market, wireless smart controls are becoming more affordable to effectively control your home central heating and hot water. With many of these new control systems on the market, it can be quite confusing as to which to choose. We have extensive knowledge and can advise you on the different functions and how they can benefit you.

Energy Efficiency

Smart thermostats also make it easier for you be more energy efficient at home, as you can programme the heating to only turn on when you need it.


Smart thermostats offer a convenient way to manage your home’s heating, so you can control when and where you want, directly from your device.

Potential Savings

You may be able to save money on your energy bill by avoiding using energy when no one’s at home, or by not heating rooms that aren’t in use.

Our Service


Power flushing is an effective method that we use to clean and maintain central heating systems. Our adapted method developed over the years effectively dislodges and removes debris and sludge build-up, resulting in improved heat distribution throughout the propertly, subsequently lowering energy bills and increasing system reliability. Often on new boiler installation, this key step is rused or overlooked completely. It is crutial for this to be carried out on a new install. Failure to do so can result in the manufacturer not honouring the warranties.

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