Underfloor Heating

Have you ever considered underfloor heating for your home or business? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. Many homeowners perceive underfloor heating to be a luxury product with large costs attached. This isn’t always the case.

Underfloor heating is now more popular than ever, as an economical, efficient, invisible and healthy alternatives to radiators. Of course, it’s nothing new, the romans were the first to use it back in 350 BC.

Underfloor Heating

How does it work?

All types of systems work by essentially turning the entire floor area into a radiator, via warm water pipes concealed within the floor structure. Traditional radiators typically run at temperatures exceeding 70 degrees and distribute heat through convection. However underfloor heating only needs the water that circulates in the floor to be a 25-35 degrees and radiates the heat up from the floor, only a few degrees more than the room temperature due to its large surface area. This means that there are no cold spots or draughts, making for a very comfortable environment. It also frees up wall space which is ideal for modern open plan living.

Overlay Floor System

Low Profile
No need for major building works and/or floor excavation
Can be laid on existing subfloors

  • Finished floor Covering

  • Overlay Insulation Boards

  • Polybutylene Barrier Pipe

  • Existing Subfloor

Suspended Floor System

Predominantly installed in new builds or renovation projects. For suspended timber or composite joints.
Often found on 1st floors
No need to add height to existing floors

  • Finished Floor Covering

  • Biscuit Sand/Cement Screed

  • Timber Joists

  • Polybutylene Barrier Pipe

  • Insulation Board

Solid Floor System

Predominantly installed in new builds or renovation projects (where the floor requires excavation)
Excellent at retaining heat in screed

  • Finished Floor Covering

  • Screed

  • Polybutylene Barrier Pipe

  • Insulation Boards

  • Existing Subfloor

Underfloor Heating

What we do

We offer a full service from design to installation, providing our clients with a finished, level surface for the application of a floor covering of their choice. We work with several underfloor heating manufacturers and their design teams to ensure that all our installations are effective and efficient in heating homes. This level of performance can only be achieved by completing a bespoke design for each individual project. We are proud accredited polypipe installers.

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